Studio Policies


Drop off and Pick up Procedures

  • All dancer & instructors must wear a mask in the studio at all time.
  • Dancers are to arrive dressed and ready for class, with only their dance shoes, water bottle and 1 dance bag.
  • Dancers arrive in dance clothes. We cannot allow dancers to change clothes anywhere in the dance studio.
  • Dancers need to wait outside until the teachers open the doors for them to enter the studio. Please wait in the parking lot until your dancers has entered the building.
  • All dancer’s 4th grade and up will use the back doors to exit the studio. Please note they will be coming around the back of the building to be picked up.
  • All dancers younger than 4th grade will exit the front doors of the studio directly to their parents.
  • If you are the last class of the day in your studio all dancers will exit the front of the building.
  • At pick up, parents need to mask up and meet their dancer when she/he exits the studio.
  • PARENTS - It is critical to drop off and pick up your dancers on time this year. We cannot have dancers waiting inside the studio for parents or outside in the rain at night.
  • Due to the new safety protocols we are not allowed to have dancers sitting at the studio between classes while other classes are in session. They will need to leave the studio and come back for their next class.

Health & Safety Procedures

  • Only dancers can enter the building (no parents or siblings are allowed in the space).
  • We will check each dancer into class as they enter the studio.
    • We will take their temperature as they enter the space.
    • Dancers must know the name of who is dropping them off and picking them up daily for our contact tracing information.
    • Dancers must wear a mask to enter the building. Face coverings are required indoors by children age 5 and older.
  • If you are going to miss class for any reason, please email to let us know for our contract tracing requirements.
  • Dancers must wash their hands when they enter the building & exit.  We will have hand sanitizer available where they enter and exit the building.
  • Dancers must bring their own water bottle.  We cannot use our water fountain per the state mandates.
  • Our staff will be sanitizing the bathrooms, and door handles in the studio after each class.
  • Equipment and surfaces will be sanitized in between each group of dancers.

Studio Room Rules

  • All dancers are to enter the studio and place their shoes, jacket, and water bottle in their 1 bag in a designated place. We are trying to keep as few items from touching as possible.
  • No food is allowed in the studio only water bottles.
  • Dancers will change into their dance shoes when they enter and be directed to a designated dance area.
  • All efforts will be made to maintain physical distance of 6 feet or greater between dancers within the studio.
  • Dancers are not allowed to touch each other, the teacher, or any items in the studio that they are not using.
  • Dancers may use the bathroom one at a time, but we ask to be sure they go before class, so they do not have to use it regularly. We are trying to keep as few people using the bathroom as possible.
  • In the event of a required closure, we will transition to a full virtual schedule. We will require a commitment of one month with this virtual format before any enrollment changes can be made.

PARENTS & GUARDIANS: If your child has had a fever, cough, shortness of breath, loss of taste or smell, tested positive for COVID-19, or has been in contact with anyone who has had these symptoms or has been exposed to COVID-19, in the 14 days prior to class, please do not send them to class. If your child becomes ill, please let us know so we can take appropriate actions.

Nov 13, 2020 Update
Washington, Oregon & California issued a travel advisory urging visitors entering their states or returning home from travel outside these states to self-quarantine to slow the spread of the virus. The travel advisory urge against non-essential out-of-state travel, ask people to self-quarantine for 14 days after arriving from another state or country, and encourage residents to stay local.

The studio is closed and there are no classes during:

Halloween - Oct 31, 2020
Thanksgiving Week - Nov 23-27 Classes resume on Monday, Nov 30, 2020
Christmas Break - Dec 21-Jan 1 Classes resume on Monday, Jan 4, 2021
Spring Break - Mar 22-26 Classes resume on Monday, Mar 29, 2021
Memorial Day - Monday, May 31, 2021

The studio is OPEN and there are classes on MLK Day and President's Day
The studio is OPEN and there are classes during teacher in-service days, including end of grading period, planning days, teacher conferences, etc.

If your dancers is not feeling well or has a fever, please keep them home. There are no refunds or credits for lessons missed. If you know in advance that you will be missing a lesson for any reason, please let us know as soon as possible.
If the Canby Schools are closed due to bad weather, it is possible that we might also be closed. If the weather has improved by the afternoon, classes will be held as usual. If you are in doubt, please check the home page of our web site or call 503-263-8568 after 1:00 for a final decision.

Because we do not have a large waiting area available or a dressing room, we would like to ask that the parents drop off and pick up your dancer on time. Students must wait inside the building to be picked up. We can only be responsible for children DURING their class times, NOT BEFORE OR AFTER CLASS. Do not leave young dancers unattended in the dance studio. Please wait with your child before class begins. Class begins when the teacher calls the dancers on to the dance floor.

If your dancer has a break between classes, the studio & teachers are not responsible for your dancer. We do not have a supervised space for them to wait. We are only responsible for your dancers during their class time. Please be sure to make arrangements to have them picked up between classes.

For safety reasons, no student may enter a dance room without an instructor present. We are not responsible for unsupervised children. Empty dance rooms are not play rooms. It is not safe for your child to horseplay in the studio. No one is allowed in a dance room without an instructor's supervision.

We are not responsible for lost or solen items. Please keep your belongings in your dance bag and your valuables at home. Items left in the studios will be collected at the end of the day and placed in the lost and found bins. Please check these often. We encourage all students to label their shoes, tights, etc., to insure that the proper items are recovered.

It is distracting to the dancers to have parents watching and talking during class. Therefore, we ask that parents come back 10 minutes early to watch and pick them up at the end of each class. This is especially important with young dancers.

We strongly suggest setting up a daily home practice time of 15-20 minutes for each class. All of the younger students need parent supervision and support during this practice time. The most important home practice day is the first day after your lesson. Encouraging home practice will ensure your dancer is getting the most out of their classes.
We will be ordering recital costumes from catalogs again this year. Ballet costumes will be collected by October 1 and all other class costumes will be collected by November 1. They run $60 - $75 per costume.
Allegro recognizes that water intake is a crucial element to athletic activity and we encourage students to make sure they are drinking a sufficient amount. However, visits to the restroom during class disrupt the class and cause the student to miss valuable instruction time. Therefore, we ask that your dancer get a drink of water and use the bathroom before class. Water bottles are allowed but must be kept with the student’s possessions and away from the barres and dance floor. Please have your young dancer use the restroom before they come to class.
Students are expected to treat Allegro staff with respect and a positive attitude. There is to be no talking during class. Excessive talking is distracting and disrespectful to teachers and classmates.
Food, gum, and drinks (except water) are not allowed in any of the studios. Students are responsible for the disposal of their garbage. NO STREET SHOES are allowed onto the Marley dance floors. Dance shoes should NEVER be worn outside where dirt and rocks would be brought onto the Marley. Dance shoes are to be worn inside only! Barres are not to be hung or sat on as they might break or cause injury. Mirrors are breakable and easily smudged; they are not to be touched. Students should not sit down to “rest” during dance classes. This causes the muscles to cool down and may result in injury by resuming exercise when cold.
We will send all our newsletters, reminders and announcements via email. Please let us know ASAP if you do not receive any of our emails. Please let us know if you change your address so we can update our files. Please be sure to read the bulletin boards in the waiting area carefully. This is an important resource for students and parents. Check our website often for newsletters, time changes, rehearsals and important notices.

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